Objective and Mission


  • Promote studies and researches in the field of hydrology and meteorology in Nepal.
  • Help academic and professional upliftment of Nepalese hydrologists and meteorologists and protect their rights.
  • Establish contacts with concerned national and international organizations towards development of mutual benefit.
  • Develop involvement of national professionals related to hydrology and meteorology towards overall development of the country.
  • Promote contacts, solidarity and professional ethics among hydrologists and meteorologists.
  • Conduct research independently or in collaboration with national and international institutions, publish materials related to this, as well as conduct consultancy services.


  • Many great strides await the path of SOHAM-Nepal. The future of the society may be analogous to that of the nation itself, which has spent so many years dreaming of prosperous life based on the exploitation of the vast water resources and yet marginally materialized. It is the members who decide how the society is to be driven. And if wise hands drive this society it might become the very reason that the ultimate dream of the nation comes true.