Symposium 2015

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List of Abstracts
Oral Presentation Abstracts

1. Preliminary study of the Hydrogeological characteristics of water source and drinking water supply system of Kyangjing village, Langtang, Nepal by Srijana LAMA, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA and Kumud Raj KAFLE

2. Assessment of Hydrological Response under Climate Change scenarios- A Case Study of Sina Catchment, India by Alpha THAPA, Santosh DHUNGANA and Dr. Nagraj S. PATIL

3. Spatial and temporal variation in precipitation in Panchase region of Nepal by Shobha Kumari YADAV, Yubaraj SATYAL, Sravan SHRESTHA, Rabi WENJU, Sristi SILWAL, Anustha SHRESTHA and Ajaya DIXIT

4. Water balance of Nepal and climatic classification based on moisture regimes by Rajendra Man DONGOL and Rupak Man RAJBHANDARI

5. Comparison of automatic and manual precipitation a case study on Nepalgunj station by Rocky Talchabhadel, Ramchandra KARKI and Binod PARAJULI

6. Activities and Achievements of Mountain Environmental Virtual Observatory by Santosh REGMI, Praju GURUNG, Prem S. CHAPAGAIN and Jagat K. BHUSAL

7. Impact of Climate Change on Precipitation in the Karnali Basin, Nepal by Harshana SHRESTHA, Utsav BHATTARAI, Khada Nanda DULAL, Shrijwal ADHIKARI, Suresh MARAHATTA and Laxmi Prasad DEVKOTA

8. The changing frequency of drought in Nepal by Hemu KAFLE

9. Boundary layer characteristics associated with northwesterly gap wind flow over the Kathmandu valley by Saraswati SHRESTHA and Ram P. REGMI

10. All Nepal Summer Monsoon Rainfall Variability, its Dynamics and Associated Teleconnection with Tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean Oscillation by Ujjwal TIWARI, Lochan Prasad DEVKOTA and Sunil Kumar PARIYAR

11. Assessing Wind power Potential over the Extreme Terrain of Nepal Himalaya by Sajan SHRESTHA and Ram P. REGMI

12. Mountain Wave Excitations in and around the Kathmandu Valley by Sangeeta MAHARJAN and Ram P. REGMI

13. Study of Annual Mass Balance (2011-2013) of Rikha Samba Glacier, Hidden Valley, Mustang, Nepal by Sanjaya GURUNG, Bikas C. BHATTARAI, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA, Dorothea STUMM,  Sharad P. JOSHI, and Pradeep K. MOOL

14. Estimation of discharge from Gilgit River Basin, Karakoram Pakistan using a glacio-hydrological model by  Iram BANO, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA, Syed Hammad ALI, Javed HASSAN, Ahuti SHRESTHA, Haleem Zaman MAGSI and Richard ARMSTRONG

15. Comparison of Dependability of the Porosity, Permeability and Density on Grain Texture of the Glaciofluvial and Glaciolacustrine Sediments, Chandra Basin by Aniket GUPTA and AL. RAMANATHAN

16. Application of Modified Positive Degree Day Model (MPDDM) for estimating discharge from glacierized Hunza River Basin, Karakoram, PakistanBy Syed Hammad ALI, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA,Danial HASHMI, Richard ARMSTRONG,Ahuti SHRRESTHA, Iram BANO and Javed HASSAN

Poster Presentation Abstracts

1. Frequency Analysis and Flood Forecasting using RCM data in HEC-HMS from DudhKoshi Basin Nepal by Dhurba Lochan ADHIKARI and Tirtha Raj ADHIKARI

2. Preliminary findings from glacier research initiatives in Phu Valley, Manang by Bishwash YOGI, Rijan Bhakata KAYASTHA, Mohan B. CHAND, Rakesh KAYASTHA, and Abijit VAIDYA

3. Comparison of seasonal and annual mass balances of 3 glaciers in the Everest region since 2007 by Sonam Futi SHERPA, Patrick WAGNON and Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA

4. Application of GlabTop Model on four Nepalese glacier for estimating glacier ice thickness distribution and bed topography, Everest region, Nepal by Rakesh KAYASTHA, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA, Richard ARMSTRONG and Dietrich SCHRODER

5. Application of Temperature Index Model for Estimating Daily Discharge from the Shigar River basin, Central Karakorum, Pakistan  by Javed HASSAN, Rijan Bhakta KAYASTHA, Syed Hammad ALI, Iram BANO, Ahuti SHRESTHA, Richard ARMSTORNG and Haleem Zaman MAGSI

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National Symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology-2015

SOHAM-Nepal has embarked to convene a national symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology annually from this year. This year, we are going to organize first  National Symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology on December 24, 2015 in Kathmandu.
The main purpose of the symposium is to provide platform for young researchers. Government and non-government  professionals working on hydro-meteorology and relevant sectors, stake holders, policy planners, young students and researchers of hydrology, meteorology, environmental and earth sciences, media persons and general public all interested would also be benefited by attending the symposium.
This symposium includes all the topics relevant to hydrology and meteorology. All interested can participate in the symposium by submitting an abstract for oral presentation or poster display. The abstract should be of maximum 500 words. Oral presentation will be of 15 minutes and the poster presenters will get 5 minutes to present his/her research findings. The abstract submission deadline is  December 10, 2015  and notification of abstract submission date is December 17, 2015.
 Registration fee is waived for SOHAM-Nepal members.
Institutional participant must pay Rs. 1000 where as individual participant has to pay Rs. 500.
Please check abstract /poster sample below. The poster size should be of 91X122 cm.
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For further information, please contact SOHAM-Nepal.

(Registration is closed now for the abstract submission)