Establishment of AWS in Chhoser, Mustang (Nov, 2015)

An Automatic weather Station (AWS) was installed in Chhoser, Mustang by SOHAM Nepal on November, 2015. This is one of the schedule activities under Mountain EVO research programme with support from Imperial College, UK.

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), an authentic government organization, maintain hydrological and meteorological station network in Nepal. But, there is large observation network in the research area, Mustang regions. Thus, Mountain EVO research programme intend to collect the required data by the establishment of hydrological and meteorological stations. Establishment of Chhoser AWS (Lat: 2911, Log: 8559, Ele: 3875) is one of the tasks completed by SOHAM Nepal.

The equipped AWS under Mountain EVO research program will be run in participation with locals and DHM for about project remaining periods (around one and half year). Latter, it will hand over to DHM after the completion of the project as per the Memory of Understanding (MOU) signed between SOHAM and DHM on April 19, 2015.