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17th AGM of SOHAM-Nepal concluded

The 17th Annual General Meeting for the year 2075 of Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists (SOHAM-Nepal) has taken place on the day of 13 Ashad, 2076 at the hall of Tourism Board, Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu. The major agenda of the AGM was for the revival of SOHAM for its legal status which was pending in the Social Welfare Council since a year ago. The renewal of Society for the fiscal year 2074/75 was obstructed due to issue raised on one of the project held by the Society namely “Mountain Evo”. The society entertained the activities of the project without prior permission of the council and has continued receiving further funding from foreign donor despite the warning of the council afterward. Since the society is awaiting for the decision of the council  and it is in the end of fiscal year 2074/75, the executive committee held on 28 Jestha 2076 decided to present the issue on AGM and get the direction to revive the society from this situation. The proposed annual report along with audit report for the FY 2074/75 was passed by the AGM which would be necessary for the renewal of society from CDO office, Kathmandu as a part. 

The recruitment of Auditor for the FY 2075/76 was also concluded and Mr. Ramod Acharya has been nominated with remuneration of NRs. 20,000 for the upcoming fiscal year as the Auditor for the society. The discussion was also made on the purchase of land by SOHAM-Nepal and the source used for the purchase. However, it was decided not to raise at the moment in the crucial stage of existence of the society itself. The miscellaneous concerns such as utilization of land, code of conduct for member of society and involvement in income generation activity for the society were also raised but all the concerns were postponed until next AGM till renewal of the Society.

National Symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology 2018 celebrated

Today 23 March, 2018: SOHAM Nepal celebrated the National Symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology 2018 on the occasion of Nepal National Water and Weather Week and World Meteorological Day at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondol, Lalitpur. More than 150 participant were present from different organizations including DHM, SOHAM, ICIMOD, SEN, CREEW, Practical Action, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University and many other organizations.

Four oral presentations on the theme of climate change, flood and early warning system in Nepal, Cryosphere Monitoring and Digital Mapping to enhance flood resilience were the core research outcomes presented by different authors from Ministry of Forest and Environment,Practical Action,  and Kathmandu University. In the mean time 6 posters were also displayed at the lobby of auditorium hall.

Nepal National Water and Weather Week 2018 Started

Nepal National Water and Weather Week 2018 has kicked off today (17 March, 2018) with walkathon program which was started from Maitighar Mandala, Thapathali, Kathmandu at 7:00 am and headed towards Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.  The programme  was followed by opening ceremony in the hall of Department of Irrigation, Jawalkhel, Lalitpur and in the presence of Honorable Minister Mr. Lal Babu Pandit as the Chief Guest. Secretaries, DGs, Joint Secretaries from Ministry of Water Resources, Energy and Irrigation, WECS, Department of Irrigation, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, and distinguished guests took part on the opening programme. The participants from INGOs, NGOs such as ICIMOD, Practical Action, IWMI, CREW, SOHAM, SOM and students in large numbers gathered together in a number greater than hundreds to celebrate the programme. 

During the remarks session of the opening ceremony, the distinguished guests have raised the emerging issues related to conservation of water and management for livelihood of the earth. The Director General Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma from DHM urged the role of climate and human intervention for the sustainable and long term availability of water and asked the relevant ministries and actors to work effectively in the direction of conservation of water. The honorable minister Mr. Lal Babu Pandit added to value the work which is country based and social based for the benefit of people giving example and experience of himself related to water issues. He urged for recharging of water and conservation of water working in the urban rivers with effective engineering approach. The ex-minister Dr. Dipak Gyawali also highlighted 4 key area where the water projects has to be intervened for Eco friendly water conservation in Nepal. Dr. Ramesh Prasad Singh, secretary of WECS summed up the program and formally closed the ceremony by initiating the privilege to be provided to the technical sector by the politicians and administration units for the change to be seen in the water management.

SOHAM is celebrating Nepal National Water and Weather Week 2018

With the theme of World Water Day “Nature for Water” and World Meteorological Day “Weather Ready, Climate Smart”, the National Water and Weather Week 2018 is going to be celebrated throughout the week starting from 17 March, 2018 through 23 March, 2018 in Nepal by conducting different activities. On this occasion SOHAM is conducting the National Symposium-2018 on the date of 23 March, 2018 in Kathmandu.

Call for Abstract for National Symposium-2018


SOHAM-Nepal requests all relevant professionals to submit abstracts for the active participation in the “National Symposium on Hydrology and Meteorology-2018”. The tentative date of the program is on 23 March 2018  and will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Interested individuals can send an abstract to by 28 February 2018. Notification of abstract acceptance date is 7 March 2018.

For the registration and other details, please visit  for more information