Guidelines for the submission of an article to VARSHA


SOHAM-Nepal announces call for articles for the second issue (Annual Issue 2017) of VARSHA Hydrology and Meteorology Bulletin.

VARSHA Hydrology and Meteorology Bulletin is the annual publication covering the topics relevant to Hydrology and Meteorology. It is targeted to the national level policy managers, planners, researchers, students, general public and media. The main objective is to highlight various Hydrological and Meteorological issues (such as Aviation Meteorology, Weather Forecasting, Climate Change, Flood and Early Warning System-EWS, Natural Calamities etc.) on the national level and also to create public awareness. 

Interested individual can submit an article by May 31, 2017 (JESTHA 17, 2074) at

Please follow the guidelines before article submission.

  • The submitted article should be original.
  • The article should focus/address national issues.
  • The article should be in Nepali preferably.
  • The article must be typed in Microsoft Word (A4 size format with 1 inch margin each side and 1.5 lines spacing). The article in the format other than Microsoft word will not be accepted.
  • The article in Nepali must be in font size 16 (PREETI) whereas the article in English should be in 12 font size. The article typed in uniocde will not be accepted for the publication.
  •  The article should be at least a single page without figures and also should be of maximum 7 pages.
  •  Images or photographs should be of good resolution and also must be submitted separately.
  • A copy of passport size photograph must be attached with the article.
  • Both author and co-authors brief bio-data (maximum one short paragraph each) must be included along with the article.

Please check the soft copy of first issue of VARSHA Hydrology and Meteorology Bulletin, (Annual Issue 2016)  in the following link for the references.

For further information, please write to us.